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We inspire leaders to develop a leadership culture that builds creative, effective and healthy teams. Our objective is to help leaders thrive.

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Practical steps that you can take to enhance your leadership effectiveness. Identify ways that you can build psychological capital and strengthen your leadership power... in a positive way!









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Our vision.

Enlighten Leadership’s vision is to ignite a passion for leadership across organisations and within our communities; encouraging a culture of leadership.

Our vision emphasises the following principles:

  • Leadership is a creative expression of values.
  • Leadership consists of foundational skills that everyone can develop.
  • Leadership happens at three levels; self, teams and society.
  • Leadership requires a holistic approach.
Enlighten Leadership

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Designed to help develop your leadership skills. You will be guided through a series of reflective questions each day related to different concepts of leadership.

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Our Philosophy

We view leadership as holistic in nature.

Firstly, at the individual level we aim to encourage people to enact their leadership potential in everyday actions. Secondly, it is at the team and organisational level that we create a culture for leadership that supports, believes and values our diversity. Thirdly, when leadership is connected to a vision beyond our self, we activate our passion to create positive change in our communities.

Business, government and society are being transformed in an age of information. Increasingly, success is driven by the power of networks. Leaders are facing significant challenges and demands. Adapting, leading and implementing change are critical leadership skills.

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Leadership Development

  • Developing emerging leaders
  • Transformative leadership
  • Facilitating change
  • Adaptive challenges

Facilitation programs

  • Building positive teams
  • Professional communication skills
  • Management & Leadership styles
  • Strategic leadership

Executive Coaching

  • Professional practice
  • Build you leadership capacity
  • Career development
  • Strategic thinking

Our Approach

Firstly, we work collaboratively with training institutions to support the delivery of existing learning and development programs. Ranging from training in basic management skills to building executive leadership capability. In addition, we work directly with clients to design and develop custom training programs. We offer coaching and mentoring support to compliment development programs.

While we cover the practical aspects of leading, our programs develop skills to critically analyse how you lead; encouraging a fresh perspective of leadership. We work with teams to define and develop their leadership culture, helping leaders apply innovative approaches to their own leadership.

Our content is flexible and may vary based on group dynamics and need. We apply a consultative approach to understand the development needs of the individual and teams. Our programs focus on achieving key leadership outcomes, including:

  • Identification and development of emerging leaders,
  • Implementation of transformative leadership,
  • Understanding how to facilitate change,
  • Analysis of adaptive and strategic challenges.



...it was a confidence-building exercise for me as well as learning. Damien is very knowledgeable in various leadership frameworks and I found it helpful to frame the learning within different theories...


I applied your advice in my supervision. Focusing on goals... great results! They were appreciative of my approach ... and I got a good rap from the manager about my leadership.


Fantastic course, Damien presented the information well and outlined it with suitable examples. I now feel well-equipped for my new role...

The journey of leadership

We are all on a journey to discover our leadership capacity. Regardless of your stage in this journey Enlighten Leadership brings a critical lens to this process.


We seek to enlighten your leadership capacity and move you toward positive change.


Our view is that great leaders understand the co-created nature of leading, involving your team, organisation and society.


Leadership is an exciting process of growth and discovery. We support teams in navigating their leadership challenges.


If you are seeking to build leadership talent or are keen to reach your potential then we are here to support you.

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